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How it Works


Our secure, stable and robust software platform is delivering solutions to dozens of clubs.  Contact us to find out more.

You and your club believe that your website could be doing more work for you.  You are reaching out and researching options.

You work directly with Stone Cold to explore options and features that will alleviate the time and money needed to run your club.  Maybe your website needs a complete re-design.  Most clubs are looking to automate their registration from a PDF based process to an online submission process. We have a drawmaster component that schedules games and manages standings. What would you like to have?

We offer several design templates or can customize our platform to dovetail into your current solution.  Do you want a complete overhaul and fresh look?  No problem.  Mobile friendly?  We do that too.  After we know what your club needs, we'll install the system for your first look.

Every club is run differently.  We believe our stable and secure platform is 70-90% complete. You likely require specific functionality to meet your needs.  Our developers can make those changes happen for you. Registration rules, payment options and required information will be customized according to your needs.

Once you have the system you need, your club will subscribe to our service that manages your data, serves up information and puts your club on the cutting edge. If your needs change, we can respond to those needs.  Your subscription includes support.

No contracts, no headaches. software delivered to meet your needs.

Now that you are up and running...

Many hands make for light work. Let all your curlers manage their information, not you.

Administrators set up the registration.  Registrants enter their credentials, choose the leagues that they wish to play in, name their teammates for each league.  They then pay for their registration and wait for the season to start. All this information is stored in the system.

Drawmasters set up the leagues and draws.  Teams receive game alerts by email. Once a game is complete, a player can login using their smartphone and update the score of the game. The standings appear in real time.

The club may wish to redesign their current website.  No problem, we can do that too.

Why not share our White Paper (PDF) at your club's next meeting?  It a printable document that outlines all our features and benefits.