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Software is never a finished product. We are constantly tweaking and evolving to give users what they want. I wanted to thank all those who took the time to provide us with some very valuable feedback as we look to the future. Thank you. -SB

When we were first approached by Steve and his company, we were impressed with the proposal, but naturally cautious because our top priorities were to ensure that it be both easy for members to use and responsive enough to be accurate in managing all the variables that inevitably arise. It — and they — have exceeded our expectations in every way. The change from our old way of running our leagues to the new way was well received by our membership. The features offered are terrific – automated scheduling, online scoring via smartphone/browser, real time standings, messaging, reporting and game day alerts. It has saved our drawmasters and administration hours of work. We are thrilled with our experience and have decided to work with Stone Cold Software to provide us with all of our digital needs. Whenever we asked for assistance, they were always there with quick and creative solutions.
— Richard Van Dine, Men’s Section Chair, Leaside Curling Club |
Leaside’s web site using Stone Cold software is easy to use and a big help in keeping the standings of each draw up to date. I particularly like the system’s ability to not only keep a list of spare curlers available but also allows you to broadcast requests for spares to multiple players.
— Ian Parrott
Guys, the program has worked well. Congratulations on all of your hard work!
— J
Our drawmaster must find this service a great advantage. New draws are completed quickly. The reminder of games both the day before and day of makes it easy to remember and allows time to get a spare if required.
— Anonymous
I have never thought about the software. It just works.

Is that not the ultimate compliment?

In our world we just expect things to work. When they don’t it is a problem.
— Anonymous
Stone Cold Software is an innovative company in the specific areas of curling registration, drawmastering, and scoring; they really strive to provide the most effective solution for our curling club’s needs!
— Leaside Curler
The registration module is great, it provides a lot of useful information in a timely manner, there is a huge reduction in the amount of manual data entry required, and it is very easy and convenient for our members to use.

The Drawmaster module is a good start, still needs some updates, but the concept is very good, and has helped reduce the workload on the drawmasters. It is also useful for our members to be able to see real time updates to the standings.

Automated email notifications are great, nice to get a timely reminder of your game, and what sheet you are on.
— Anonymous
One feature I would love (and I’m not sure if it’s already there or not) would be a way to more easily integrate my game schedule into my online calendar (either Outlook or Google). For instance, one thing I’ve noticed lately is that when I book a flight online, and have the itinerary emailed to my gmail account, Google is now putting the flight info into my calendar (and it’s even appearing in Google Maps when I look at Pearson).

But it would be cool to click some feature that allows me to easily export my game times into my calendar. I know that there is a calendar within my Leaside page that shows my games, but integration would be cool.

I should qualify this by saying I’ve only curled for 2 yrs, both at Leaside, so your program is the only one I know. I do find it, however, more user friendly than my golf club’s tee-time booking software.

Like that you’re doing a survey - keep tweaking!
— Anonymous

Thanks for the suggestion and comments. We will investigate an exportable calendar file to add to our features. -SB

Our old website was practically dormant for many years with very few updates. We always had to rely on a web master to make any changes to it. This was seriously hurting our business! Enter Steve from Stone Cold Software, who approached us in a very friendly and wonderful way with a practical proposal. He was not pushy and once we were ready, it was amazing how much he helped us with his services and they were so extremely affordable. He changed our website into a very creative and easy to navigate site. He was so patient with all of our questions and understanding our business. He took the time to sit down to teach us how to maintain the site ourselves so that we could consistently update any information and images without relying on and paying an outside source. Steve even SAVED US MONEY with our web hosting, making it so that we only pay for what is necessary. We have already gained new customers from our website and our current customers are extremely satisfied with any new information that could be provided at their fingertips. We are very grateful to Steve. His services are a MUST for any business, big or small. His company delivers the smallest of web projects up and is also capable of handling large, complex web applications. With our new and improved website, we now have a competitive edge!
— Sensei Hiromi, Japan Martial Arts |