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The Benefits

Keep all your rocks in one house.

Keep all your rocks in one house.

Ever thought what your website could be?

Say good-bye to spreadsheets, hard copies, lengthy email chains and cobbled data.

Our services put everything you need into one place.  A universal database stores all your member information.  Our role based software allows you to manage who does what and who sees what.

Since everything is web based and in the cloud, there is no extra software to download. It is all you will need to run your club.


Public website

Clubs can manage their website content, no need to rely on us.  We have many design templates to choose from and create many more.


Members step through an interview, become eligible to choose items and complete their registration.

customized logic

Do you have a locker waitlist? Specific rules around age and eligibility for activities?  No problem.

seamless credit card payments

Connects with your payment gateway to securely process payments. We can accommodate real time or post dated transactions.

member database

Member data can be accessed quickly and easily.

universal messaging

No need to manage email lists.  Easily send a message to one person, a specific group or a customized group.


  • financial information for reconciling accounting
  • game data
  • lockers
  • volunteers
  • curling association upload reports
  • accounts receivable
  • eligible voter list
  • curlers by league

document management

Clubs can upload and store all their documents and photos on their server. 

league management and scheduling

Drawmasters can easily create a draw with one click after all the teams have been ranked.  End of draw relegation is simple by re-ranking the teams and running the scheduler again.  Hundreds of games are fairly scheduled within minutes.

Drawmasters can access and update game data.

score entry from your membership

Once a game is complete, members can enter their score and check the standings in real time.

Care to Spare?

Members can add themselves to the list so that teams in need of a spare don't need to default or re-schedule.

game alerts by email

Members can choose to have an email sent the day before their game and/or the day of the game, informing them where they need to be and when.


Our work is front end loaded, meaning that your costs are higher at the beginning of your project. Once your website is built, you then enter a hosting agreement where your club will pay an annual or monthly fee. Our fees are highly competitive for software development. Your overall cost is dependent on the scope of your project and the customization you need.

Our apologies, but we can no longer offer free trials. We do, however, offer free quotes